GMT-30 GMT-38 GMT-30B GMT-38B


Model No. GMT-30 GMT-38 GMT-30B(Up side down blade) GMT-38B(Up side down blade)
크기: 5.5 inch
blade: 30teeth 38teeth with one groove
Screw: Minus Screw
Handle: Semi-offset
Material: Hitachi 440C


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GLOBAL series_GMT-30 GMT-38 GMT-30B GMT-38B

by Shinichi Naito whom is the craftsman making Global series.

He is still jointed in TOGIYA in only 3 years, the heart to the pursuit of technology is superior, he will support TOGIYA scissors in technology in future. It is the engineers that are most promising in the young.

추가 정보

무게 0,2 kg

30, 38

Up side down blade

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