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Global Series

The Global Series is available in a wide variety of sizes from 5.0″ to 7.0″. Made of stainless steel HITACHI 440C, among Togiya products, it is a good product for beginners.

Classic Series

The basic shape is the same as the Global series, but the sizes are primarily 5.5″ and 6.0″ with adjustable screws. V-Gold No. 1 stainless steel is used for its excellent cutting edge feel and durability.

Maximum Series

The concept of these scissors is “simple” and “artistic of Japanese sword blade”.

Professional Series

This basic model emphasizes stability with a convex blade and offset handle.

Designers Series

This is the basic model with emphasis on the stability of the convex blade and the offset handle.

Art Collection II Series

This collection focuses on the artistic styling that TOGIYA is known for. Reinforced cobalt alloys and precision finishing techniques complete the latest language of cutting styles.

Art Collection Ⅱ Series

Long Scissors Series